Rhytidectomy Complications Awareness Campaign Launched By Certified Specialist

Rhytidectomy is a very common procedure, but many patients are unaware of the risks and what they can do to improve their chances of a positive outcome. Dr. Harvey “Chip” Cole III, MD, FACS, Quadruple Board Certified Surgeon, has launched a new awareness campaign that explains the various complications, hazards, and other details patients should be familiar with before choosing this operation.

More information can be found at https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-harvey-chip-cole-iii-md-facs-5a86649a

In his new campaign, Dr. Cole explains how a certified surgeon will choose the right option for each patient, which risks are associated with which procedures, and what questions a patient should ask before making a final decision.

The most common issue that leads patients to seek a rhytidectomy is visibly loose skin. This can be caused by several factors, including natural aging. The awareness campaign from Dr. Cole explores several techniques that can correct these issues, such as platysmaplasty.

Which procedures are most effective at correcting the issue will depend entirely on the patient, and Dr. Cole recommends consultation with a rejuvenation specialist. During the consultation, the patient’s age, body type, overall health, and facial structure can be considered to provide a personalized solution.

The campaign includes detailed information about what patients can expect during their recovery, though this will vary based on which techniques are used, the skill of the surgeon, and the health of the patient. Patients may expect to be recovered enough in two or three weeks to resume their normal routines, though Dr. Cole suggests they take things slowly, and continue to rest until fully recovered.

While many of the risks of rhytidectomy procedures are the same as with any similar operation, such as infection, swelling, and discomfort, the campaign also explains that more serious complications can occur, such as damage to the facial nerves.

Dr. Cole has produced a series of awareness campaigns about popular procedures, drawing on over 33 years of experience and 33,000 completed operations as a rejuvenation and reconstruction specialist.

More information about rhytidectomy and Dr. Cole can be found at https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-harvey-chip-cole-iii-md-facs-5a86649a

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