Hollywood Roofing Experts Now Offer Free Estimate On Shingle Roof Replacements

The Hollywood Roofing Experts have undergone considerable growth in business over the two months as south Florida fries and summer begins. Plus, the nonstop rains have helped the company with an over 115% increase in business from Q1 of 2022!

A common problem seen by the Hollywood Roofing Experts is people not knowing if their roof needs to be repaired or replaced; as of now, the company is offering free proposals for all homeowners in this predicament.

Some homeowners think roofers push them toward a replacement when a repair seems plausible. The issue is that the problem may not seem like it calls for a replacement when it does to the untrained eye.

A roofer looks at this situation by evaluating a few key factors about the roof, such as: what material was used, how well the roof was installed, the roof’s weather history, and last but not least, the age of the roof. If the roof is almost nearing its natural lifespan and a repair job would cost quite a bit, it would be wise for the roofer to recommend opting for the replacement as it’s inevitable in the near future.

If a shingle roof replacement is what is called for, the next step will be determining which type of shingles to use. A lot of Hollywood roofing companies would advise going with dimensional shingles (AKA architectural or laminate). Dimensional shingles can tackle hurricane-force winds of up to 130mph. Often homeowners inquire about 3-tab shingles as they are the least expensive option, but the problem is that 3-tabs can’t handle winds greater than 70mph, so it is very dangerous to use this type of shingle for a south Florida home.

Abe, a representative of The Hollywood Roofing Experts, said this about shingle roofing, “Currently, shingle roofing in Hollywood is increasing quite a bit. While tile is always popular, with tile shortages persisting and tile costs increasing, many homeowners are instead choosing shingles. We usually recommend dimensional or luxury shingles; the durability is necessary for the inevitable hurricane.”

Call the Hollywood Roofing Experts today for homeowners in or around the Hollywood area needing an estimate to get a roof replacement.

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