Nutritionist & Wellbeing Mentor Ella Gale Will Provide Help Your Body Deserves

We all usually strive for a body that will look hot in the summer, which is only one month away. Sometimes it is just hard to push yourself through all these hardships that a balanced diet takes upon you. Maybe the workloads at your office are causing a lot of stress, and it is hard to maintain your eating habits. In that case, the Food & Nutrition Consultancy & Coaching support and guidance that Ella Gale provides, is just right for you!

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If you are a woman looking for any tips or counselling when it comes to your eating forming healthy habits, look no further! Ella Gale is a remarkable nutritionist that prefers specializes in working with female clients that tend to take care of others before themselves. She is hardworking and really empathetic, since she had the unique and first-hand experience that gave her even more insight into the field. She also managed to achieve a B.Sc. in Nutrition and an Advanced Diploma in Nutrition and Health Coaching.

Ella was once struggling with depression, anxiety, fatigue, IBS, muscle and nerve aches, disordered eating and exercise, which resulted in fluctuations in her weight and health. This had a knock-on effect on her confidence, mood & self-image. After countless failures from doctors that tried to help, she managed to take it upon herself and implemented everything within her power to take control of own health and well-being. This experience made her realize that she can utilize her tools to help others that are stuck in similar situations.

The best part, is that you can reach Ella Gale from anywhere in the world. Yes, that is right, regardless of where you are, you can still make an appointment. Do not hesitate and book a session – if you want to discover how to stop reaching for chocolate, biscuits, and cake, to feel better, and have more control over your body, without feeling deprived, working with Ella can help you to implement healthy, lifelong habits!

Ella Gale’s coaching is so much more than a diet and exercise plan. She also includes mindfulness, sleep hygiene, stress reduction, and much more. Don’t be afraid to start your journey, as Ella will definitely be the one that does not leave you behind and will guide all the way.

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