Waitlisted To Buy Rental Properties and Rising Real Estate Prices: Event Launch

How to invest in real estate? That is what the many people who have been waitlisted to buy rental properties are reading up on, searching for, and saving for because retirement planning has also changed in 2022. Remote workers everywhere are being waitlisted to buy a home, even to buy a rental property. And yes that 30-year rate is up but the power of the 30-year-fixed loan is so dominant that this increase amounts to nearly nothing over the course of the 30-years at a fixed rate while inflation naturally rises. So the massive amounts of people looking to move from the cities to newer homes with a yard and a home office are finding waiting lines and the inability to purchase good homes. However, as interest rates are going up, supply is starting to catch up to demand gradually, which is actually good news for the serious buyer. Simply put many are unprepared to buy a home, even to buy a rental property during this massive change to which the entire planet is trying to quickly adapt.

“The method that I believe works well for most of us is what I call Remote Control Retirement Riches, and the job of understanding the fluctuations in rising real estate prices, and negotiating purchase prices can be trusted to companies that invest in real estate.” -Adiel Gorel, owner of International Capital Group (ICG)

Good local rental property managers are people who have managed rental properties for decades and know the local rental properties for sale in that particular market during rising real estate prices and plummeting real estate prices alike.

Adiel Gorel, owner of International Capital Group (ICG) has helped thousands of first-time, as well as experienced investors, navigate this vital next step in gaining financial freedom despite rising real estate prices that have provided investors with a lifetime of financial security through economic ups and downs for decades. Gorel is hosting a free virtual event to answer the question; what are the best places to invest in real estate 2022 considering rising real estate prices. Don’t miss out, click icgre.com.

One of the highlights of the ICG event is that these rental property managers are guest speakers with an ear to the ground in the hot markets, and bring ICG deals for home buying, that have already been negotiated with the builders. They are experts in how to invest in real estate in their market and thrive.

So at the ICG live events the guest speakers who are real estate brokers and rental property management companies, bring the current rental properties for sale, experts in calculation and optimizing the benefits of depreciation on rental properties so investors can take action right away. The deals that have been pre-negotiated. Once again, leaving the negotiation to the local experts and enacting Remote Control Retirement Riches is the business model here.

“With large populations of the workforce vacating the crowded cities into the safety of the suburbs, many are unprepared to afford homeownership and will make perfect long-term renters. It’s actually a great time to invest in single-family homes and take the financially rewarding step to buy rental properties.” -Adiel Gorel, owner of International Capital Group (ICG)

Everything that has to do with the rental property and the maintenance of the property is done by the property manager to really enjoy Remote Control Retirement Riches.

Invest in a rental property, and team up with a rental property management company, the rental property management companies present all of the available rental property for sale, they understand the local regulations for insurance for a rental property, the depreciation on rental property, the rental property manager shows the rental property, and then once they have seriously interested tenants, the rental property manager starts vetting the tenants, which is critical and priceless. A sign of a savvy rental property manager is checking not only the credit report and employment verification but with the current landlord of that tenant and with the prior landlord of that tenant to provide top quality renters so the rental property investor really can enjoy remote control retirement riches. Peace of mind is priceless and that is what the savvy rental property manager does by and large for us. They provide peace of mind. Additionally, the savvy rental property manager does a lot of verification, before renting the home to the tenant. And from that point on, property managers will collect the rents every month. The rental property manager is truly the new savior of retirement planning through real estate.

ICG has gone to great lengths to make it streamlined and easy to enact Remote Control Retirement Riches, the same name as Adiel Gorel’s book. ICG will be hosting the live zoom event soon. Register under Events at ICGRE.com to find out the best places to invest in real estate in 2022 even during rising real estate prices which are here to stay for some time.

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