The Law Office of Diane C. Bass, Domestic Violence Lawyers, is Offering Exclusive Legal Services in Irvine, CA

Irvine, CA: The Law Office of Diane C. Bass offers passionate legal representation to clients charged with criminal charges in California. The charges have harsh penalties such as jail or prison sentences, fines, and a permanent criminal tag. After serving their sentences, they may have challenges, such as difficulty finding work, enrolling in a university or college, and obtaining housing. To protect the client’s interests and increase the chances of avoiding the harsh penalties, the law firm represents them in negotiations and builds solid and personalized defenses.

In addition, the criminal justice attorney represents clients charged with possession or selling drugs. In most cases, the charges depend on the accused level of involvement in the crime and whether it is their first time committing such a crime. To assist clients in avoiding long jail terms and other consequences, the law firm builds a strong defense that mainly challenges the charges and pushes for a “safety valve” if they do not have a prior conviction. Thanks to the firm’s experience in handling similar cases (and federal court experience), they also push for case dismissals.

The firm also represents clients charged with domestic violence on their significant other, spouse, or ex-lover. The domestic violence lawyers Irvine assist them to avoid incriminating themselves as the police interrogations (without legal representation) may complicate the charges. Other services offered by the attorney are helping the accused to negotiate for a better plea agreement or developing a solid defense if the prosecutor decides to proceed to trial. The team also challenges retaining order, which may force them out of their home.

The law firm represents clients charged with embezzlement, which is defined as the misappropriation of funds belonging to an employer or in their trust. The charges carry heavy punishments such as up to 20 years’ imprisonment, a fine, and three years of supervised release. To defend the client, the embezzlement attorney challenges the prosecutor to prove that the defendant voluntarily participated in the scheme and they intended to defraud their employer.

The team also assists in building defense strategies for clients charged with traffic offenses, white-collar crimes, homicide, federal crimes, property crimes, weapon charges, and disorderly conduct. Considering each case is different, and the accused may get sentencing depending on charges, the team offers personalized case evaluation to review the case in detail before exploring the available legal alternatives.

Law Office of Diane C. Bass is located at 5440 Trabuco Rd, Suite A4, Irvine, CA, 92620, US. Clients interested in the services of a criminal justice attorney can contact the team at (949) 494-7011. Visit the law firm’s website for more information.

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