We Buy Houses San Diego:Offering Expert Solutions to Stop California Foreclosure

AsherBuysHouses.com is assisting California homeowners navigating through foreclosure problems one property at a time. The company has announced the launch of their website focused on offering real solutions and provide access to their team of experts ready to solve complicated housing problems.

California homeowners desire trusted house buyers in San Diego and California to help them with their housing situations. While there are numerous “We Buy Houses companies that are local and national, they all simply provide one solution, pay cash for houses,” says Asher Stefani, founder of AsherBuysHouses.com.

“The thing that really separates us is our insistence to meet and sit down with homeowners, actively listen to their situation and needs, then craft a solution that results in a Win/Win quickly for all involved parties.” Continued Stefani. “To be specific, AsherBuysHouses.com lays out the fact that homeowners have more options than simply selling their house for cash. The majority of homeowners are never told they have the ability to not only stop a foreclosure auction, but also stay in their home with a simple phone call.”

AsherBuysHouses.com is a company that buys California houses in any location and any condition with “No Real Estate Agents, No Fees, and Hassle Free.” Asher Buys Houses is California’s only source for fully customizable solutions designed to help homeowners navigating foreclosure and in need of selling fast.

“With the California housing market in jeopardy as a result of the pandemic, massive job loss and the end of the foreclosure moratorium, expect to see a continued flow of forced sales throughout 2022 and into 2023.” Says Stefani. “By selling to an investor that lays out all the real options, homeowners have a chance to turn their tough situation into a Win/Win. Whether it is selling prior to foreclosure without having to make repairs or a custom solution crafted to help keep them in their home, Asher Buys Houses is a California company that truly cares.” Continued Stefani.

AsherBuysHouses.com California Foreclosure Solutions:

Sell home for cash fast

AsherBuysHouses.com provides solutions to stop California Foreclosure for homeowners navigating through foreclosure or in other financial distress and are being forced to sell their home fast. Stefani states, “It typically takes anywhere from 3, to 6, to 9 months or even more sometimes to sell property using the traditional method and the simple truth is a homeowner more than likely will not be able to sell prior to the foreclosure auction.” Regardless of the reason for being forced to sell their house fast, AsherBuysHouses.com has cash on hand, along with a squad of specialists that can close in as little as 3 days when needed. Asher buys houses all throughout the San Diego area as well as other locations in California.

Sell house for cash and then rent it back:

There are numerous motivations to sell a house and rent it back. This includes financial difficulties, a stressful divorce, or a pending foreclosure as reasons that motivate customers to lean towards selling their home to AsherBuysHouses.com so they can continue to live in the property. Stefani further explains, “This creative solution is perfect for anybody saying “I need to sell my home fast, but want to continue living there.” Asher Buys Houses will craft the solution needed so the seller can rent back their home for as long as desired. The best part? It will be crafted to ensure fair and competitive market rental rates.”

Sell house for cash and then rent it back with option to purchase for a pre-determined price:

These situations happen and Asher Buys Houses has the solution for those being forced to sell their house but do not want to move and hope to be able to purchase it back. This can be a long-term or short-term rental with an option to purchase the home back at a pre-determined price.

Stefani explains, “This creative solution allows the homeowner to sell quickly for cash, keep living there, and eventually purchase it back when the time is right for lower than market value in order to save more of the equity they have earned. It is the perfect solution for homeowners that feel their current position is a temporary one and will be ready to own their home again in the future once financials allow. With rental rates along with the purchase back option crafted to be fair and pre-agreed to, it really is a Win/Win for both parties.”

Sell house in a short sale:

For homeowners that currently owe more on their house than it is worth or are scrapping to keep up with mortgage payments due to adjustable interest rate, AsherBuysHouses.com can provide the solution. Stefani details, “If a homeowner is facing an impending foreclosure and also going through financial distress, Asher Buys Houses can potentially help them sell their house via short sale by negotiating a settlement with their bank. Unfortunately, this is a very common situation in the San Diego area but the short sale experts on hand are here to help with years of negotiation experience.”

While there are limited options for California homeowners, AsherBuysHouses.com knows that every circumstance justifies a custom solution because every situation is truly unique.

More Information

San Diego and California homeowners looking for more information or wanting to talk with a house buying and foreclosure expert can call 619-800-1376 or visit AsherBuysHouses.com.

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